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Lindal Moor Cricket Club History

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Centenary Photograph Album The photos on this page have been selected from an album belonging to Lindal Moor Cricket Club. The inscription at the front of the album reads as follows:

"This collection of photographs is a historical record of Lindal Moor Cricket Club and was presented to the Club by Mrs Agnes McKeever on the Occasion of its Centenary 1884 - 1984."


Lindal team 1890 Lindal team and officials circa 1890

Back: F Robinson, E Bradley, R Spencer, W Jackson, H Birkett, K Bainbridge
Middle: Unknown, F Johnson, T Sandford, F Ray, C Ray, J Kyme
Front: L Butler, J Boadle

Lindal team 1900 Lindal team (probably 1st XI members) circa 1900

Back: H Birkett, F Johnson, J Simpson, H Helme, J Polkinghorn, J Mawson, T Lindow
Middle: E Jowett, JW Jackson, M Jackson, W Briggs
Front: J Watson, T Sandford, T Ormandy

Lindal 1st XI 1909 Lindal 1st XI 1909 and officials outside the "old" pavilion

Back: W Leck, G Denney, E Jowett, H Brennan, W Marshall
Middle: W Watson, JH Helme, W Atkinson, J Simpson, E Dickinson, T Shaw, W Helme
Front: K Dixon, J Threlfall, W Hoggarth, R Cathey

Ground improvements Ground improvements 1924 - 25

Filling in the "Dip".

Lindal 1st XI 1920s Lindal 1st XI late 1920s

Back: M Helme, J Hurst, J Stretch, G Simpson, R Denney, TK Postlethwaite, T Heigh, H Collinson, T Brockbank
Front: IS Keen, JT Simpson, W Helme, J Simpson, R Stretch

Lindal 1st XI 1933 - 34 Lindal 1st XI 1933 - 34

Back: R Stretch, R Walker, TK Postlethwaite, E Hughes, L Dagger, JT Simpson
Front: C Boast, J Walker, W Helme, G Simpson, R Denney

Press-Sevens Trophy 1952 Press-Sevens Trophy 1952

Harry Stretch receives the Press-Sevens Trophy from Mr HS Hemsley 17th August 1952.

Press-Sevens team 1952 Press-Sevens Winning Team 1952

Back: RW Helme, R Coulson, G Dawson, J Lindow
Front: H Hutchinson, H Stretch, E Birch

Walter Helme Memorial Gates 1957 Walter Helme Memorial Gates 1957

Mrs Helme cuts the ribbon at the opening of the Walter Helme Memorial Gates on May 25th 1957. She is flanked by Fulton Pennington (far left) and JH Helme (middle). The memorial plaque beside the gates reads:

"Memorial to Walter Helme. Player, Captain, Chairman, President of Lindal Moor Cricket Club, 1905 - 55. Presented by N Lancashire League, 14 league clubs, relatives, friends and admirers."

Aerial view of Lindal 1960s Aerial view of Lindal in 1960s

Lindal Moor Cricket Club is at the top centre of the photo.

Lindal 1st XI 1972 Lindal 1st XI Division One Champions 1972

Back: H Stretch (pres), W Knight, T Gifford, T Clarke, E Gardiner, J Cornthwaite, JK Whalley (sec)
Front: M Marshall, S Liddicott, B Coward, E Shuttleworth, R Herman, G Dawson

Lindal 2nd XI 1974 Lindal 2nd XI 1974

Back: AG Wallace, R Bate
Middle: F Sprout, H Stretch, C Opie, F Murray, I Adams, J Cornthwaite
Front: W Wicks, R Coulson, L Clarkson, W Sharp, A Webster, JK Whalley

Lindal 2nd XI 1975 Lindal 2nd XI Division Two Champions 1975

Back: FGB Wynn (scorer), AG Wallace, J Cornthwaite, R Bate, B Steele, N Kitchen, JK Whalley (sec)
Front: I Courtney, A Webster, L Clarkson, D Woodburn, W Wicks, I Adams

Higson Cup 1980 Higson Cup 1980

Wilf Knight receives the Higson Cup at Barrow Cricket Club.

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