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View of the War Memorial in proposed new position (click to enlarge)The Green Landscape Appraisal

The following proposals have been derived from the landscape appraisal of The Green, carried out by South Lakeland District Council Design Team during 2003, and will form the basic design concept for the final design.

1) Incorporate improved pedestrian access and movement within the site (preferably some form of circuit although it may be advisable to construct a path down one side of The Green only to asses its use and identify if a full circuit would be used).

2) Incorporate basic provisions within the site to encourage use other than movement, ie seating, opportunity for play, etc, while maintaining a predominantly 'green' aspect.

3) Protect all the existing trees on site while allowing for remedial works as necessary.

4) Refurbish existing railings and/or look at the opportunities for a new form of boundary treatment, preferably something in keeping with the local vernacular/ traditional construction methods while wherever possible maintaining a soft green aspect.

Looking south from The Green (click to enlarge)5) Provide improved secure access points (child safety to be treated as a priority) incorporating protected pedestrian space recessed into The Green and adequate visibility splays.

6) Explore the opportunities for new access points, particularly at the North and South ends of the site, to encourage movement along the site as well as across between the to existing access points.

General layout plan (click to enlarge)7) Create `key points' within the site to create visual interest, provide use and focus. Ideally these will also form the main entrances and link The Green into the surrounding environment while at the same time be easily accessible to each other.

8) Maintain the centre of The Green as a clear open space to maintain the traditional open aspect of the site allow for any activities, sports, events, etc as may be required.

9) All of the above should be treated as guidance and a source of discussion

These conclusions could be carried out individually or as a whole and still achieve a significant level of improvement to the landscape.

Several of the suggestions for boundary treatment could be carried out in different areas of The Green, ie no one particular idea or proposal is necessarily correct or dependant on an adjacent proposal to make it work.

Ultimately the choices and decisions should remain with the people who really know the site and how it works and therefore this appraisal should be used as a `springboard' to enable Lindal and Marton Parish to achieve their goals.

The pictures and text on this page are reproduced by kind permission of South Lakeland District Council Design Team.

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