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In 2002, the newly-constituted Lindal and Marton Residents' Association held public consultations to identify issues that they might tackle in order to improve the local environment. It was agreed by the Residents' Association in June 2002 "that the area surrounding the Lindal War Memorial was entirely unworthy with uncoordinated fencing, grit and litter bins, phone box, telegraph pole and plastic flower troughs". An architect was engaged to assess The Green and propose an improvement scheme.

After a great deal of controversy, residents of Lindal and Marton were asked in March 2005 to vote on which, if any, of five improvement options they would like to see progressed. Residents voted in favour of a basic scheme to replace the existing railings and gates.

The War Memorial was repaired and cleaned in November 2005. The railings and gates were replaced and new seating provided during 2007.

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