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Q: Why do some of the page layouts not look right on my browser, eg Firefox?

A: The website is intended to work on any browser, but currently works best on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher. You may find that some table and image layouts don't look quite right on other browsers, and screen tips (when you hover the mouse over a picture or a link) may not work at all. We are gradually trying to fix this.

Q: How can I tell when there's been a recent change or addition to the website content?

A: The Noticeboard on the Community home page lists recent website changes and additions, as well as other local news. The School home page also has a short "What's New" section identifying major changes. If you'd like to be informed automatically whenever we publish something new, we suggest the following options:

Q: Why are the events on the calendar shown in different colours, and can I add events myself?

A: Colours are used to identify different types of events or ownership as listed above the calendar. Please contact the website publisher if you would like to be able to add events to the calendar yourself on behalf of a community organisation.

Q: Why haven't you published anything about a particular community organisation, topic or event that I'm interested in?

A: There could be many reasons. Perhaps we were unaware of the organisation, or nobody ever asked us. Please tell us something about it or suggest who we should contact to find out more. If suitable, we'll try to include the item on the website.

Q: I asked for an article or event to be published in the magazine "Aspects of Lindal and Marton". Why hasn't it also appeared on the website (or vice-versa)?

A: The website is managed independently from the Aspects magazine, but we do talk to each other! We include some common items, but we also have a large amount of separate content. For example, church notices are generally published in Aspects only, and school events or short-notice events are often published on the website only. If you specifically want an item included on the website, it's best to contact the website publisher directly.

Q: Who publishes the website content, and what if I'm not happy about something that's been published?

A: The website was created by Neil Fleming in 2003, and is financially and politically independent (neutral). Many other people contribute articles regularly or as one-offs, on a purely voluntary basis. Anyone with an interest in the community is welcome to write for the website. Visit the Policies page for information on the following topics, to help you judge the website content against our documented standards:

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Q: You haven't helped me to solve my problem. What can I do now?

A: If you still need help relating to this website, please send an e-mail to neil@lindal-in-furness.co.uk.