History of Lindal & Marton

A village community at the heart of Furness


Parish Council

Lindal & Marton Directory 1912

The following is reproduced from the "History, Topography & Directory of Furness & Cartmel" published by T. Bulmer & Co. in 1912.

Lindal-in-Furness Directory

Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank at James Brocklebanks, grocer, Lindal. Letters via Ulverston arrive at 7 a.m. and 6-30 p.m. Despatches at 7 a.m. and 7-40 p.m.

Lindal and Marton Council School, Marton road, Lindal; John C. Parkinson, head master; Miss A. Stewartson and Miss E. A. Ross, assistants.

Lindal Moor Cricket Club; G. Denney, secretary, East view, Pennington.

Lindal Football Club; A. Watson, secretary.

Conservative Association, Lindal; G. Denney, secretary, East view, Pennington.


Atkinson Henry, miner, 3 London rd

Baines Thomas, horsekeeper, Lindale cote
Brenan Henry, storekeeper, 9 The Green
Brenan John, mine surveyor, Henning cottage
Brocklebank Mrs. Ann, 21 Lindal
Brocklebank James, grocer, coal, and general dealer, and post-master, Post Office, Lindal
Brocklebank James, miner, London road
Burns Thomas, engine driver, Lindal moor
Burrow Joseph, engine driver, 11 The Green

Clark Joseph, labourer, 20 Lindal

Dagger Thomas Parkinson, cabinet maker (j), 10 The Green
Dalton Co-operative Society (Lindal branch); Edward H. Howard, manager; h. Dalton-in-Furness
Daniels John, electric switch attendant, 17 Mount pleasant
Drinkwater Rt. Wm., boot maker, Lindal and Ulverston

Edmondson Hylton, gas stoker, 30 The Green
Edwards Mrs., Lindal Moor cottage
Electric Power Station, Urswick road; Harrison, Ainslie & Co., Ltd., proprietors; - Batstone, chief electrical engineer

Gilchrist John, joiner, &c., 21 Fell st
Gilchrist, Mrs., 20 Fell street

Hampson Wm., engineer (j), Chapel house
Harrison, Ainslie, & Co., Ltd., iron ore proprietors, Lindal Moor Mines; C. E. Ray, B.A., M.I.M.E., general manager
Hastings Wm., engine driver, 4 The Green
Hayes Rev. Alfred Parker, B.A., F.I.G.C.M., The Vicarage, Lindal
Helm Hugh Barton, mason (j), 12 The Green
Helme Henry, waller, 28 the Green
High Mrs. E., beerhouse, Railway Arms
Hillins P., saddler (j), 19 Ulverston rd
Hindle James, farmer and coal dlr., 24 The Green
Hoggarth Mr. Thomas Farrer, 14 Mount pleasant
Hoggarth Wm., miner, 15 Mount pleasant
Homes Wm. Park Jas., fitter, 5 The Green
Holt Ernest, Empland cottages
Huddleston David jackson, miner, 9 Dalton road
Hurst Mr. Wm., 8 the Green

Jackson Joseph, mining captain, Lindal Moor house, Marton
Jackson Matthew, miner, 22 Fell st
Johnson Joseph, miner, 23 London rd
Jowett Ernest, miner, 18 Ulverston road

Lindow Thomas, mining agent, Lindal Moor house
Lindsay Mr. Edward, 32 Duke street

Marsden James, foreman joiner, Duke street
Marsden James Walker, joiner (j), 7 The Green
Marshall Wm., miner, 7 Ulverston rd
Mason Wm., mining captain, Lindale Cote cottage

Noble Thomas, blacksmith, Lindal Cote mines

Ormand Peter, miner, 16 Mount pleasant

Parkinson John C., schoolmaster, Lindal schoolhouse
Pepper Matthew, miner, High Cross gates
Potts Harry, P.C., Lindal Police Station

Robinson Hodgson, engine driver, 17 Ulverston road

Shaw John, fitter, 31 Church street
Shaw Robert, miner and lodgings, Jubilee house
Shepherd Frank, miner, 12 Dalton rd
Simpson James, foreman engine fitter, 6 The Green
Simpson John, pattern maker, Duke street
Stanberry Robt., miner, 14 Dalton rd
Stainton John, stationmaster, Lindal Station; h. Bank house, Pennington

Taylor Rd., miner, High crossgates
Thompson Mrs. Mary, school cleaner, 27 The Green
Thompson Samuel, mining captain, Lindal Moor house, Marton

Walker Edward, 3 The Green
Walker Mr. John, 2 The Green
Walker Joseph, miner, The Green
Walton Henry, engineer (j), 11 Dalton road
Watson Abraham, miner, Empland cottages
Watson Robt. Barker, miner, 25 The Green
Watson Mrs. Sarah, confectioner, 36 The Green
Watson Wm., agent (Prudential), Yorkshire house
White Mr. Joseph, Mount pleasant
Williams Mrs. Emily, 26 The Green
Wilson Thomas, miner, Dalton road


Burch Samuel, Lindal Moor farm; and butcher at Dalton

Clark Thomas Noble (bailiff), Lindal Moor farm

Hindle James (and coal dealer), 24 The Green

Postlethwaite William, Pennington Church farm, Lindal

Rice James, Lindal Low farm

Sharp Anthony, Drigg and Irton Church farm, Lindal

Wilson Robert, Lindale cote
Withers William, Lindal High farm

Marton Directory

Letters for Marton via Ulverston. Nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office at Lindal, 1 miles.

Marton Reading Room (Established 1892) - Wm. Anderson, secretary.

Marton Working Men's Club - Wm. Jackson, secretary.


Airey John, miner and shopkeeper, 7 Silver street
Anderson John, miner, 58 Marton

Brocklebank John, Bell hill, Marton; and farmer, Lowe Mere beck, Kirkby-in-Furness
Brocklebank Tyson, carter, 27 Marton

Dickinson Mrs. Mary Eleanor, beerhouse, Miners' Arms, 50 Marton

Farmer John, miner, Tarn flatt

Helm James, farmer and beerhouse, Farmers' Arms, Marton
High Mrs. Jane (Old White Horse), 25 Marton
Hodgson Thomas, miner, 57 Marton
Hornby John, miners' change room attendant, West cottage
Holmes Mr. Philip, Marton
Hunter Joseph, grocer, &c., 38 Marton
Hutchinson James, reservoir attendant, Powkabeck

Jackson Joseph, mining captain, Lindal Moor house, Marton
Jackson Wm., miner, 1 Marton
Johnson Wm., miner, Round Hill cottages

King William, miner, Snipe gill, Marton

Latton John, miner, Marton
Lesh Mr. Charles C., Powkabeck
Lloyd George, miner, Rock cottage

Miles John, miner, Marton
Mousal Mining Co., Crossgates

Nuttall Robert Richard, reservoir attendant, Powkabeck cottage

Ormandy Thomas, reservoir inspector, Powka Beck house, Marton

Pascoe Joseph, miner, 56 Marton
Pilkington James, miner, Quarry hse

Rawlinson Thomas, miner, Marton

Scott John, junr., miner, Powkabeck cottages
Sharp Mrs. Mary, 21 Marton
Stalker John, grinder, 4 Bell hill, Marton
Stewart Wm., miner, 2 Tarnflatt

Thompson Samuel, mining captain, Lindal Moor cottage, Marton

Walker Wm., vict., New Inn, Marton
Wardley Joshua, carter, Up-in-Field
Wilcock John, waller, Powkabeck
Wilson John, greengrocer, 35 Marton


Hornby Casson, Marton Road End farm
Hutton Myles, Stewner Park farm

Langhorn Henry Cook, Scalebank farm
Livesey Rowland, Dalton Church farm, Marton
Lowther John, Standish cote

Pearson Robert, Stonabank
Pearson Wm., Marton

Wilkinson Mrs. Bridget, Fair view or Up-in-Field

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