History of Lindal & Marton

A village community at the heart of Furness


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Iron Mining Companies

Many iron mining companies, individuals and organisations have operated in the Lindal and Marton area over the last five or six centuries, including the monks of Furness Abbey. Many of the mines changed ownership several times during their lives. This page lists some of the companies involved in extracting iron ore in the Furness area during the 19th & 20th centuries. The majority of these were active in the area of Lindal and Marton.

"Miners" by Colin TelferFurness Iron Mining Companies


Ashworth & Chappell & Co

Askam & Mouzell Iron Co

Backbarrow Co

Barrow Haematite Steel Co

Brogden & Co

Charles Kennedy

CIM & S Co

Cumberland Iron Mining & Smelting Co

Edward Hall & Co

Elliscales Mining Co

Furness Iron & Steel Co

Furness Mining Co

George Ashburner

George Huddleston

Greenhaume Mining Co

Harrison, Ainslie & Co

J Ashburner

J Brogden & Sons

James Stockdale & Co

Joseph Rawlinson

Kennedy Bros

Matthew Denney & Co

Messrs Fell

Millom & Askam Haematite Iron Co

Mr Huddleston

Myles Kennedy

Newton Mines Ltd

North Lonsdale Iron & Steel Co

Parkside Mining Co

Pennington Mining Co

Sandscale Mining Co

Schneider & Co

Schneider & Hannay

Schneider, Davis Co

The Dalton Mining Syndicate

Thomas Fisher

Town & Rawlinson

Ulverston Mining Co

Wigan Coal & Iron Co

William Rawlinson & Co

Yarlside Mining Co


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