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Lindal & Marton Community Website Policies

Publication of material

The Lindal & Marton Community Website is intended as a means for sharing information, to be used by anyone of any age-group with an interest in the community. The website is an independently-run free service, and is supported entirely by volunteers. Any individual or organisation may submit information for publication on the website directly to the publisher.

All contributed material is reviewed by the publisher (or designated authority) before being published. Any material that is considered by the publisher to be inaccurate, inappropriate for the website, or unsuitable for children, is rejected.

Normal conditions of acceptance for business advertising are that the business should be based in Lindal & Marton, or else should be a Furness-based business that delivers a product or service directly to Lindal & Marton residents.

Views expressed on the website are generally those of the contributor, and do not necessarily align with the views of the publisher.

Any comments or complaints received by the publisher concerning published material will be reviewed and appropriate remedial action taken as quickly as possible. Please contact Neil Fleming directly or by e-mail to neil@lindal-in-furness.co.uk.

Publication of photographs

Permission will not normally be sought to publish photographs of groups of adults or children as this is generally not practicable, with the particular exception of children attending organised school or youth group events (see following paragraph). We will seek permission to publish photographs of individual identifiable children where practicable. We will never knowingly publish any photograph that could be considered embarrassing or indecent.  We will respect any requests not to be photographed, whether from an adult, child, or parent/guardian of a child.

We often publish photographs of village buildings and the surrounding countryside, including interiors and exteriors of commercial and public buildings. We try to avoid publishing close-up photographs of individual homes and privately-owned properties except with the owner's permission, or where inclusion of the property is inevitable within a street scene or landscape, or as a background to a photograph of another subject.

Photographs of any individual (adult or child) will be removed from the website without hesitation if requested by the individual concerned or by a parent/guardian. Reasonable requests to remove photographs of properties will be considered and acted on as appropriate.

Cookies & privacy

Cookies are pieces of information or small files that a website can send to your computer's hard drive for record keeping. Cookies can make websites easier to use by storing information about your preferences on a particular website. The information may remain on your computer after the Internet session finishes. The Lindal & Marton Community Website does not use cookies.

The publisher of the Lindal & Marton Community Website is not responsible for the use of cookies on any linked websites, or on websites belonging to companies that advertise on the Lindal & Marton Community Website. 


Lindal & Marton Community Website is independently funded, at no cost to the community.


All rights reserved. The material on the Lindal & Marton Community Website is copyright. You may download, display, print and reproduce material from this website in unaltered form only for your personal or educational use. This includes cartoons and logos that have been designed specifically for this website. You must not use material from this website on any other website or for a commercial purpose unless you have obtained written permission from the publisher of the Lindal & Marton Community Website. Note that both the Lindal Pre-school and the Keswick to Barrow Walk Committee are permitted to use the sheep logo on their own signage, stationery and advertising.


Whilst the publisher of the Lindal & Marton Community Website takes every reasonable step to ensure the accuracy and completeness of information on this website and presents it in good faith, it is provided purely for information and the publisher disclaims all liability arising from negligence or otherwise in respect of such information. The publisher of this website is not responsible for the content of any advertisements or linked websites.