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Furness Railway Bogie Passenger Engine No. 123

Furness Railway No. 123 NameplateThe engine shown on this postcard is Furness Railway No. 123, which was built in 1890 by Sharp Stewart & Co Limited. This bogie passenger engine was one of four, numbers 120 to 123, bought by the Furness Railway as a single batch. These were the first bogie locomotives to be used on the Furness Railway.

Furness Railway No. 123 is designated as a type 4-4-0. It has a 2-axle leading bogie, and two pairs of driving wheels with connecting rods. The bogie was designed to help the engine negotiate curves.

The bogie wheels were 3'1.5" diameter with 10 spokes, and the driving wheels were 5'7.5" diameter with 18 spokes. The cylinder stroke was 24". The tender wheels were 3'6" diameter with 10 spokes.

Click here for a close-up view of the engine, showing buildings and further railway wagons in the background.

Reference: Scalefour Society Resources, Furness Railway Locomotive Wheel Data.

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