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A village community at the heart of Furness


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School Log Books

The following notes are extracted from the school log books, dating from 1914 through to 1980.

1914, Nov 11

Weather very stormy and wet, and being Martinmas Day many scholars were absent owing to home-comings of relations and the leaving of servants at the end of term.

1914, Nov 16

The snowstorm which visited the district yesterday affected the attendance of infants in the morning. Distribution of dividends at Dalton for the Lindal Branch Co-operative Society members whose children were sent for the same adversely affected the afternoon attendance of the older scholars.

1914, Dec 01

Beginning of the school year 1914-1915. New registers opened in every class.

Staff and organisation.

Class 1

Standards V-VII

34 on roll

Class 2

Standard IV

35 on roll

Class 3

Standard III

27 on roll

Class 4

Standards I & II

52 on roll

Class 5

Infants 6 & 7

21 on roll

Class 6

Infants 5

40 on roll

Class 7

Infants under 5

10 on roll   This class with class 5.

1915, Mar 10

Head Teacher received a Mobilisation Order to report himself for duty with No. 1 company National Reserve attached to the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment at H.Q. tomorrow, Thursday the 11th. inst. at 10a.m. He accordingly relinquished his scholastic duties until the termination of the war at 4p.m. today.

1915, Apr 12 Lack of materials is causing much inconvenience when commencing new work.
1915, May 20 Received notice that the children were to assemble and march to an allotted place near the Manor Farm, Barrow, to see His Majesty, King George the fifth pass on his way to Messrs. Vickers Ltd. Shipbuilding Yard - also that the school would close in celebration of Empire Day, on the afternoon of the same day, Friday, May the 21st. - and further that the school would close on the evening of the 21st. inst., for the Whitsuntide recess and would reassemble on Monday, May 31st.
1915, Aug 25 Received notification of closure on Thursday afternoon, Aug. 26th. on the occasion of the dedication of the new Organ at St. Peter's Church.
1915, Oct 26 Notification re services of teachers in Lord Derby's Recruiting Arrangements - allowing teachers (with Managers' consent) to undertake (EVEN IN SCHOOL HOURS) work in connection with the Recruiting Campaign and further notifying that District Clerks have instructions enabling them to deal with applications re use of School Buildings for Recruiting purposes.
1916, Apr 20 The children this week have collected 287 Eggs for our wounded soldiers, which have been distributed as follows: 100 each to the National Egg Collection and the Military Hospital, Barrow, and 87 to Boarbank Hall.
1916, May 24 Empire Day. Ordinary lessons until 10.30a.m. when the whole school took part in a Patriotic Concert to which the parents were invited. The collection enabled 5.5.0 to be sent to the Y.M.C.A. Hut Fund, France. The usual half holiday was given in the afternoon.
1918, Jan 18 Exceptionally bad weather this week has terminated in several hours snow and finishing with heavy rain. Consequently a wretched attendance only 81 present out of 215 of whom 30 were unfit to be retained owing to state of feet.
1918, Jul 12 On roll 215 av. attendance 180. 83% In. av. 43. 76%. The attendance is greatly affected by an outbreak of influenza.

Received notice from the Clerk to the Managers intimating that the M.O.H. has ordered the closure of the school during the next week. Then follows immediately the mid-summer vacation.
1918, Aug 23 Estimates allowed by Lancs. C.C. for 1918-19 .. Books 20., Fuel Light Cleaning 57.2.0., Repairs 2.
1918, Oct 21 The influenza epidemic has increased in extent during the weekend, seriously affecting the attendance, which has been reported to the Clerk for transmission to the M.O.H.
1918, Oct 22 Received notice to close school from the Medical Officer of Health such closure being extended eventually to November 30th 1918, owing to serious spread of the influenza.

Weekly Summary... No. on Roll 208 av. attendance 170 Infant av. 56.
1919, Mar 17 Very bad weather culminated in a violent snowstorm on the 19th.
1919, Mar 19 A very small number of scholars present this morning 79 out of 207. 38%. Many of these were not fit to stay - acting on the advice of the Chairman I abandoned the two sessions.
1919, Jun 29 Received notice that the school would close this p.m. to enable the scholars to visit Messrs. Bostock and Wombwells Menagerie at Dalton. It was desired also that the teachers accompany the scholars.
1919, Jul 15 Received a telegram during the afternoon from Mr. Butler, Clerk to the Education Committee ordering closure of school at 4p.m. for remainder of week as a "Peace" Holiday to be immediately followed by the usual months vacation.
1919, Oct 15 Sgt. Major Wright, L.C.C. Instructor of Physical Exercises visited the school and took Sts. 5 and 6 Boys and Girls in drill.
1919, Nov 12 There was a very heavy fall of snow which adversely affected the attendance especially in the afternoon when the numbers were:-

Upper school 98 out of 143.. Infants 11 out of 61.. Total 109 out of 204.

In consequence of the above the drawing and sewing lessons were changed to sewing.
1920, Sep 03 Examined St. 3 in Arithmetic. The results were very unsatisfactory, 18 sums correct out of a possible 76. 26 - 0 correct 6 - 1. 6 - 2.

Weekly Summary. No. on roll 211 Av. attendance 190 Infant av. 47.

Spoke to the staff re. coming late to school and warned them that in future every member must be punctual.
1921, Jan 10 Received a letter from Mr. Meredith saying that the L.E.C. had sanctioned the establishment of a School Garden. Received another letter stating that the school would be closed today on account of the visit of Princess marie Louise to Dalton and requesting me to make some kind of welcome to Lindal by the children. At 2.15p.m. I lined the children up at the Cross Roads and at 2.30p.m. the car containing the Princess flashed past and not a child caught sight of the lady.
1921, Feb 09 The fire-place in the large room needs repairing. Yesterday the smoke from it was so bad that i had to take Sts. 4, 5 and 6 out for drill in the playground. The matter was reported last month but nothing has yet been done.
1921, Apr 08 Suspended the time-table from 9.40a.m. to 10.15a.m. and took the children into the playground to show them the Eclipse of the Sun, through smoked glasses.
1922, Jul 27 Classes 1 and 2 had a debate on "Should punishments in school be abolished". The result was as follows:- For abolition 8. Against abolition 71.
1923, Jan 19 Sts. 4, 5 and 6 held a debate "That girls should not play football". The voting was as follows:- For 61 - Against 13.
1923, Apr 25 Closed the school for a day April 26th on account of the Duke of York's wedding. The children gave him 'three cheers'.
1923, Sep 17 On Saturday last, the 15th, Mr. Rollinson took a party of twenty boys to Ambleside via Lakeside. They toured the district and returned about 9p.m.
1923, Oct 8 Miss Helm took a party of children on Saturday October 6th to Rampside, Roa Island and Piel.
1924, Nov 11 Armistice Day. The children were assembled at 10.30a.m., marched to Marton War Memorial where they sung "Land of Hope and Glory" and "Kipling's Recessional Hymn". They were addressed by the Rev. L.H.M. Smythe, Vicar of Lindal until 11a.m. when the "Two minutes silence" was observed. The children then marched to Lindal War Memorial where the same two hymns were sung. In conclusion the Vicar offered prayer.
1925m Feb 26, 27 A School Social was held on Thursday and Friday evenings. Juniors on Thursday and Seniors on Friday, both in the Buccleuch hall. Proceeds for the Library Fund.
1927, Jun 27 Sgt. Major Wright visited the school and inspected the Physical Exercises.
1928, Jan 9 During the holiday Margaret Scott of Class I, aged 13 years., was drowned through skating on ice. Charles Hornby, aged 9 yrs., made a gallant effort to save Margaret but in so doing so lost his own life. The Staff have therefore decided to erect in school a memorial tablet to the memory of Charles Hornby.
1930, May 23 In the morning at 11a.m. the ordinary time-table was abandoned and special lessons given to each class on "Empire and Empire Building", bringing in the work of the League of Nations.
The usual half day holiday was observed in the afternoon.
1930, Sep 16 Mr. James Slater of the District Surveyor's Staff and an old scholar of the school carved a bench-mark on the right of the main entrance, giving us our elevation of 309ft. above sea-level.
1931, Feb 9 J.T.S.Varcoe Esq. C.C. called leaving a supply of Forms C.A.C.2 whereby seeds, implements and manures can be purchased at a cheap rate by unemployed allotment holders.
1931, Sep 8 The foreman in charge of siting the new boiler, requiring the chimney sweeping, I got a sweep to clean the chimneys of the whole building, which have not been swept for six years. In the north classroom part of the range had to be removed by a builder, while in the main room north an opening was made in the outside wall.
1938, May 31 Miss Oldfield of the County Organising staff spent 1 hours in school this afternoon. Topics touched upon were the replacement of the stove and increasing the time to be spent on needlework.
1938, Jul 9 (Saturday). Mr. F. Lindow and I took 26 children of classes I and II to Aldingham leaving Lindal Town End at noon. We had a picnic tea at 3.30 p.m. and indulged in organised games, paddling, rambling and winkling until 6.30 p.m. when we returned.
1939, Jul 17 Last Saturday (15th) Mr. Lindow and I took 34 children of the two top classes to Aldingham.
1944, Jun 9 Weekly summary: Roll 75, Av 70.7
1944, Jun 16 Weekly summary: Roll 76, Av 64.6
1944, Jun 23 Weekly summary: Roll 76, Av 69.4
1944, Jun 27 I have this day visited the School and heard the Scripture Lessons and am very satisfied. J. J. Jackson.
1944, Jun 30 Weekly summary: Roll 75, Av 66.2
School closed for 1 week, the first part of the midsummer holiday. To conform with Barrow Shipyard holidays.
1944, Jul 10 School reopened, all staff present. There were no admissions nor children leaving, roll 75.
1944, Jul 14 Weekly summary: Roll 75, Av 64.9
1944, Jul 17 33 out of 34 officially evacuated children from Walthamstow E17 and billeted in Lindal and Marton arrived this morning and were admitted to school. This scheme was rendered necessary by the pilotless plane or flying bomb raids on London and South England.
Their ages ranged from 6 to 15; no Teacher accompanied them, and there is no equipment nor material suitable here for children over 11.
1944, Jul 20 12 of the Walthamstow evacuees of 12+ yrs, were today transferred for the afternoon session to Dowdales.
1944, Jul 18 I gave a general task for ages 10-11 to the Walthamstow evacuees. The results were deplorably low. These boys and one girl can neither read nor write; their conversation and composition indicate their attendance at the cinema has been more regular than that at school. As an offset to this, it should be recorded that education or rather attendance at school in London since the outbreak of war in 1939 has not been compulsory, also their behaviour both in billets and school is exemplary.
1944, Jul 21 Weekly summary: Roll 109, Av 94.4
1944, Jul 31 Dr Ashcroft and staff arrives for medical examination of certain groups. [Remaining part of page blanked out]
1945, May 8 The B.B.C. program was interrupted last night by the official announcement that the European War was over - and the enemy has agreed to unconditional surrender. Today and tomorrow were declared V.E. days and a general holiday proclaimed. The Prime Minister spoke to the nation this afternoon at 3. School was closed two days on the authority of Preston.
1967, Jun 7 School was re-opened at 9-0 a.m. after the half-term holiday.
1967, Jun 12 Mr. Cullum, Acting Education Officer, called today to inform me that the Chief Ed. Officer, Mr. Lord had informed him that owing to the "Plowden" Report the Ed. Committee had changed its policy in regard to the building of a new school in Lindal as the numbers on roll did not merit it, and that consideration should be given to taking the Lindal children into Dalton or Pennington. My observations were:-
1. That Pennington School was already crowed [sic] and would not welcome another 40-50 children.
2. That Pennington School was not in Dalton U.D.C. but that Lindal and its school was.
3. Dalton schools are overcrowded, and there is a demand for new Primary School Buildings in the town.
4. The parents and villagers of Lindal & Marton would protest at loosing [sic] its school.
5. The Managers also would be in agreement with my views.
6. Lindal is situated between two busy towns, and most likely to expand in the near future. Building of detached and private dwellings has already commenced.
Mr. Cullum informed me that the Divisional Executive Committee would be considering the proposal in the near future.
1972, May 26 School was closed to day at 3-45 p.m. for the Half Term Holiday.
1972, Jun 7 School was re-opened this morning with a full staff and 74 children on roll.
1972, Jun 21 I postponed the School Sports at 9-30 a.m. because of wet weather.
1972, Jun 22 The School Sports were held on the Village Green this afternoon commencing at 2 p.m. The afternoon was warm and dry and the Sports were enjoyed by all:- scholars, staff and parents. A tea for all (children free - Adults 10p) was provided in the Buccleuch Hall.
For the past week or so the Junior Dept. of the school has been having its yearly examination in work done over the past year.
1972, Jun 30 Mrs. Cock and I took the Junior Dept. of the school to see an Exhibition of Old Lindal staged by the Mothers' Union of Lindal Church. The Exhibition was in the Buccleuch Hall and there were many interesting items - documents concerning the building of the school, old photographs, collections of local minerals, old costumes, family bibles, etc. The children were very interested in the exhibition. After the exhibition we took the children to the Lindal Church of St. Peters to see the beautiful floral decorations which had been arranged especially for the Centenary Celebrations of the church.
1972, Jul 8 Saturday - Staff and children of the School attended the N. Lonsdale Primary School Sports at Ford Park, Ulverston this afternoon, some of the children being quite successful in the races.
1972, Jul 13 A coffee evening was held today from 7p.m. - 9p.m., 34 being raised for the School Funds. During the evening two "Mummers" Plays were acted by the children and their efforts were well-received by the audience of parents, children and friends.
1973, Jul 17 The Junior Classes - I and II went on an educational visit today with their teachers:- Mrs. Cock, Mrs. Morris, Welfare Assistant Mrs. Martindale, and myself. We left school at 9-30 a.m. and went to Furness Abbey by coach hired for the day. The party went round the Abbey ruins guided by Mrs. Cock who has done conserable [sic] research concerning the Abbey. At 11-45 we left the Abbey for Roa Island stopping for our "packed" lunch on the shores of Rampside. After lunch we went to the Royal Lifeboat Station at Roa Island where we were shown over the boat and station by the chief mechanic and crew member. At 3 p.m. we returned to the coach and arrived back at school at 3-30 having had an enjoyable and instructive day.
1973, Jul ? School was closed today at 3-35 for the Midsummer Holidays.
1973, Sep 3 School was re-opened today with a full staff and 66 scholars on roll.
Class Teacher Age of pupils B/G Number Total
1 Self 9-11 yrs Boys
2 am Mrs A Morris
pm Mrs Cock
7-9 yrs Boys
3 Mrs Birnie 5-7 yrs Boys
-5 yrs Mrs Birnie 4-5 yrs Boys
        TOTAL 66
1973, Oct 19 School was closed at 3-45 for the half-term holiday.
1973, Oct 29 School was re-opened today at 9-00 a.m. after the half term holiday.
1973, Nov 6 Mrs. Morris and I took Cl I and Cl II to see the British Dance Drama Theatre at the Coronation Hall, Ulverston this morning. The children enjoyed a very skilful and professional Music Movement and Mime entertainment. We returned to school in time for lunch. The cost of the show and coach fare was born by by School Fund.
1978, Jun 22 The Infants visited Bowness and sailed around the islands.
1978, Jun 29 The Juniors visited Ravenglass, Muncaster Mill and Muncaster Castle.
1979, Jun 22 Cuts in School Meals Transport meant that we had to serve an "Emergency meal" i.e. tinned luncheon meat, beetroot and vegetable salad followed by tinned peaches, evaporated milk and biscuits.
1979, Jul 3 A cold meal was again prepared and served in school because of the 10% cuts in transport.
1980, Jul 3 The annual educational visit took place. The whole school went to Leighton Hall and Morecambe Marineland.

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