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Origins of Lindal and Marton Primary School

Lindal Schools Plan of Alterations & Additions (click to view full plan)In the 1800s, the iron-mining villages of Lindal and Marton were administered by the Duke of Buccleuch (managed by his agent Edward Wadham from 1854 to 1913), in conjunction with the mining company Harrison, Ainslie and Company. At that time, houses in the villages were generally overcrowded and sanitation was poor.

In 1854 Harrison, Ainslie and Company provided a village school (now the school hall and Classrooms 1 & 2). See Subscriptions for Building the School, June 1853 for details of how the original school building was paid for.

They enlarged the school in 1860, with the building of an additional classroom for use as an Infants Room (now Classroom 3). These buildings form the basis of the school facilities that are used to the present day. Click on the image of the plan to view "Lindal School's Plan of Alterations and Additions" in full.

The school LAMPS logo incorporates a picture of a Davy lamp in recognition of the school's mining heritage.

The children and staff have had many different experiences over the years, some of which are recorded in the school log books. The following extract is dated 17th July 1944:

33 out of 34 officially evacuated children from Walthamstow E17 and billeted in Lindal and Marton arrived this morning and were admitted to school. This scheme was rendered necessary by the pilotless plane or flying bomb raids on London and South England. Their ages ranged from 6 to 15; no Teacher accompanied them, and there is no equipment nor material suitable here for children over 11.

See more extracts from the school log books, dating from 1914 through to 1980.

Reference: Furness and the Industrial Revolution. JD Marshall. 1958. Barrow-in-Furness Library and Museum Committee.

School in the 1850s

Roy Mason has written an article for Aspects on School Regulations in the 1850s, based on information found in the archives at Barrow library. Fortunately for the current pupils, these regulations have since been relaxed.

In 2004, staff and pupils celebrated the school's 150th anniversary by dressing up as Victorians for a day. Lessons were conducted in Victorian style, followed by a picnic and games on The Green.

Charles Hornby plaque

Most children who have attended Lindal and Marton Primary School will immediately recognise this plaque which is affixed to the wall in Class 1.

It tells the story of a catastrophe in the winter of 1928 when a group of Marton children were skating on the ice at Wagg Reservoir near Snipe Ghyll. Suddenly the ice gave way and 13 year old Margaret Ellen Scott, of 2 Lane Ends, Marton, fell into the icy water. As she desperately struggled to keep her head above water her next door neighbour, and school friend, 9 years old Charles Hornby, pluckily went to her aid. Although he got hold of his friend he was not strong enough to hold on to her and help her out. As a result he, too, was pulled in.

Charles's sister Grace and another girl Olive Thompson, got a piece of wood but before Charles could grasp it he disappeared under the ice. Margaret was eventually pulled out of the water by William Jackson of 3, Snipe Ghyll but although he tried very hard he was unable to resuscitate her. It was some six hours before the police, with the aid of a small boat, retrieved Charles's body.

The plaque was erected both in memory of the brave little boy and his friend and also to serve as a reminder as to the dangers of venturing onto ice bound ponds.

Reference: Jottings of a Lindal Girl. Doris Edge. 1993. Brian Edge. ISBN 0-9516910-2-3.

Pupils and staff in 1878

A number of photos of Pupils and Staff in 1878 were recently gifted to the school. The pictures were taken outside the Iron Church, which was situated opposite the school and was the place of worship before St Peter's Church was built. This site is now occupied by School Terrace. A framed copy of the photos hangs in the school library.

School archive

The following pictures are from a collection owned by the school. This includes many photos from the 1980's and early 1990's.

Newspaper articles from the school archive.

The photo of pupils and staff at the top of this page is from a collection on our Marton Memories page. You will also find a photo of Lindal School pupils in 1948 on our Memories page.