History of Lindal & Marton

A village community at the heart of Furness


Parish Council

Tree Planting in the Playing Field

Pupils and staff planted trees at the top end of the playing field in 1984.

S: Sarah P, Sharon, Marie, Lisa, Tony, Robin, Hugh, Steven, Mr Barker.

1: Tifany, Mrs High, Mrs Spencer, Mr Murray, Mrs Thomason, Paul H, Lynn, Dawn, Mrs Brade, Mrs Fidler, James F, Becky, Gillian, Michael, Heather, Sarah H.

2: Mr Barker, Helen, James F, Paul H, Paul B, Mrs Park, Mrs Woof, Tifany, Marie, Sharon, Dawn, Heather, Mrs Hornby.

3: Hugh, Paul, Beth, Mrs Cocker.

4: Michael M, James F, Timmy, Mrs Fidler.

5: Harold, Mrs High.

6: Paul B, Mrs Hornby, Paul H, Kim, Mrs Harrison, Sarah H.

7: Sarah P, Heather.

8: Vicky, Mrs Woof, Becky.

9: Kim, Sarah H, Mrs Harrison.

10: Mrs Brade, Sharon, Marie, Heather, Lucy, Vicky, Sarah P.

13: Mrs Johnson, Mrs Park.

14: Lynn, Mrs Cocker, Dawn.

15: Dawn, Mrs Cocker, Lynn, Mrs Thompson, Lisa, Mrs Thomason.

16: Mr Barker, Mrs Jarvis, Ben, Kim.

17: Ben, Mr Barker, Mrs Jarvis, Kim.

18: Robin, Richard.

25 years later...

Here are the same trees in July 2009.

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