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School 150th Anniversary Victorian Day

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In the summer term of 2003-04, the school staff and PTA organised a "Victorian Day", to celebrate the school's 150th birthday. Pupils, staff and parents dressed up in Victorian costumes. Computers and modern teaching aids were banished. Morning lessons were conducted in a Victorian style, with children writing on slates, studying their bibles, and standing in the corner of the classroom with the Dunce's cap on. Children were split into separate Boys and Girls playgrounds at playtime.

For the afternoon, the PTA organised a magnificent Victorian Picnic on The Green. There was a birthday cake for the school. Local residents turned out to watch the children playing tug-of-war, hopscotch, blind man's buff, spinning tops, and generally having a great time.

Thank you to all the staff, parents and friends who attended the event and took the photos used on this page. The photos have been approved for publication by Mr D Barlow, Headmaster, LAMPS.